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Window Cleaning Services

about the window guy in memphis tn

Welcome to The Window Guy, your Memphis area’s go-to experts for sparkling clean windows! The Window Guy team can help revitalize your dull, hazy windows and let the sunshine back into your home with our professional window cleaning services. We understand each window has its unique charm, so we tailor our cleaning to meet your specific needs. From single panes to bay windows to multi-stories, we handle them all with care and precision.

Not only do we offer the best window cleaning services, but our friendly team also provides a hassle-free experience. We respect your time and space, making sure our service is as convenient as it is thorough.

Choose us for a brighter view and a brighter day. Get in touch now and see the difference The Window Guy makes!

Why should you choose The Window Guy? Great Question!

We take very special care not to track in mud or dirt from the outside when cleaning the inside windows. Further, while working at your home, our window cleaning experts will maintain a professional decorum – they will not use profane language or smoke – in short, they will be on their best behavior at all times.

Regular window cleaning to keep your windows clean is more than just keeping up appearances. It feels good knowing that the windows of your house sparkle and give your home the added curb appeal of beautiful and regular maintenance because friends, family, and visitors do notice.

At The Window Guy, we also offer a residential window cleaning program called “Clean It and Forget It,” where each month or quarter, we come and clean your outside windows for you, including the glass, frames, sills, and cobwebs for one low annual price (or pay monthly if you wish). No contracts or hidden fees. Contact us for more details.

We provide our Window Washing Services to the following cities & towns:

  • Arlington
  • Bartlett
  • Brunswick
  • Collierville
  • Eads
  • Hickory Withe
  • Lakeland
  • Memphis
  • Millington
  • Rosemark

…and everywhere in between!

Here are some things to look for and to ask about when choosing a window cleaning company:

  1. Will they open each window and clean your sills and tracks? Most window washers never open the windows.
  2. Do they actually scrub your screens instead of just wiping them off? It makes no sense to have clean glass and dirty screens.
  3. Do they look professional, and are they in company uniforms? If they’re not willing to invest in looking professional, then they’re in this for the short term.
  4. Ask for plenty of references along with phone numbers. A reputable window washing company should be glad to provide them to you.
  5. Are they insured and bonded, and do they carry workers’ compensation? Things happen. You need to be fully protected in case of unforeseen situations.
  6. Do they use poles or ladders? You can’t wash a window (in most cases) from a distance using a pole. We own five different sized ladders, including a 60′ water-fed pole, so we’ll be able to access every single window. We can reach it.
  7. Can you trust them in your home? The Window Guy professional window cleaners are permanent employees who have been through a full background check and are subject to random drug testing. We would never allow someone to come to your home that we would not be comfortable servicing in our own home. We do everything possible to ensure your security and confidence in our employees.

How Do We Price Your Windows?

The Window Guy window washing services are competitively priced, and our estimates are calculated by the pane for our window washing service. We routinely check the marketplace to be sure our prices are lower or, at most, right in line with reputable insured competing companies. No surprises.

How to help prepare for our arrival: (none are mandatory but certainly helpful)

  • Please open/raise all window treatments and blinds if applicable.
  • Please remove all knick-knacks/valuables from window sills or other areas where we will be working.
  • Please do your best to move furniture, curtains, and plants away from the windows. This includes obstacles on decks, porches, and sunrooms too.
  • If you need help moving some items, we would be glad to help.
  • Please unlock all security doors/storm windows/screens if applicable.
  • Please turn off your security system.
  • To ensure our cleaner’s safety, please keep your pets with you or in a safe, designated area during our visit to your home.

How Do We Wash Your Windows?

  • We use only the best tools and solutions to give you the cleanest windows possible.
  • We begin by scrubbing your windows with a soft wet Microfiber Scrubber with our cleaning solution. Our solution leaves no haze and is safe for window tinting.
  • Next, we use a rubber squeegee attached to a handle and work our magic, removing all the dirt and solution.
  • Then, we towel dry the frames, followed by detailing the glass with a separate microfiber towel.
  • When necessary, we use a glass-specific scraper on the wet glass to remove paint, tape, or other debris.
  • When finished, we get your approval so you can sit back and enjoy your sparkling clean windows.

Glass Restoration

Does your sprinkler system spray your glass? Do you see scratches on your windows when the sun passes over? Glass scratches and hard water stains are numerous and can occur at any point during the life of a window. The use of high-quality industrial-grade cleaning agents and professional experience can save you 40% to 60% over the cost of glass replacement while maintaining the structural integrity of the surrounding window frames and sills. The Window Guy can help eliminate or reduce the appearance of hard water stains, mineral deposits, and scratched glass.


We guarantee flawless window restoration, free of scratches, haziness, or deposits, at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Responds to texts, emails and calls within sane day. Provides estimates quickly and additional quotes as requested for options. Windows look much better and we are happy we selected The Window Guy.”

Sherri C. – Lakeland, TN
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